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Becky offers both vocal and piano lessons for any age or ability. Becky has received grades in piano and singing including classical and musical theatre up to grade 8. She has a BA degree in music performance and is a qualified music teacher with a PGCE in secondary music. With Becky’s experience working with children and adults with special needs, this has enabled her to work with ‘anyone and everyone’ and ensure her lessons are engaging, fun and varied. 


Becky teaches in her home in Emsworth and is also able to give lessons in music technology. She uses Logic X Pro on her Apple Mac and teaches how to record, input midi instruments and how to mix and master tracks. Becky also teaches music theory up to grade 5. 



Becky has been trained in a number of different styles and genres, therefore she is able to teach a range of skills including reading music, sight reading, singing along to an accompaniment or backing track, performance skills, microphone skills and more. In Becky’s singing lessons you will learn how to use breath support, increase vocal range, sing with ease and clarity and learn to project your voice. You can work on enhancing the quality of your voice and also learn to express and interpret songs in a better way. To add, each lesson is tailored to you and what you would like to learn.


Becky teaches piano on her Roland FP – 50 and Nord Electro 5D. She will teach you how to read music, learn about chord progressions, scales, piano technique, ear training, rhythm and performance skills. Whether you want to learn pop, rock, classical or jazz, each lesson is tailored to you and what you would like to learn.

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